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Ribbed Pink Glass Votive Candle Holder Set of 6

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The Ribbed Pink Glass Votive Candle Holder Set of 6 is the perfect mix of chic feminine and vintage. These beautiful rose pink votives are so pretty they make every space a little bit prettier with their dewey pink glow illuminating the room. Nestled amongst the flower arrangements at a garden tea party or as a pop of color in a neutral boho theme these pink tealight candle holders bring so much elegance and beauty. All lit up they bring a taste of luxury that you didn't know you needed. These are perfect for a little girl’s baby shower or a tea time bridal shower. A perfect celebration gift for a birthaday, bridal shower, engagement, housewarming or mothers day and more.

Pink never goes out of style and there will never be a lack of pink lovers and these votive candle holders are beautiful. There are so many uses for votive candle holders throughout your home and they add the perfect touch of femininity to a bookshelf or countertop. They are great in the bathroom for all the cotton balls and q-tips. They are perfect for little girl birthday parties or sweet sixteens. You can use them as favors at a baby girl's baby shower or make your home as unique as you are. 


  • The Ribbed Pink Glass Votive Candle Holder Set of 6 features a smaller base and wider top with ribs wrapping all the way around. 
  • These Ribbed Pink Glass Votive Candle Holder (Set of 6) are perfect for your Easter, Valentines Day party or home decor. The set of 6 features a symmetrical ripple effect around the entire glass. These can be used on a long plate as a centerpiece or separate them out. These are the perfect neutral pink color that will create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Product measures 2.7" w x 3" h x 2.7" d
  • Packaged product measures 9.1" w x 3.5" h x 6.1" d
  • Each is wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a brown box.
  • Made of glass
  • Pink
  • Includes 6 Pink Glasses