Ornate Domed Candle Holder With Hand Poured Fragrant Candle

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Our Ornate Glass and Aluminium Candle Holder has a Silk Tasselled Snuff Lid and is filled with a hand poured Vanilla Scented Candle. It measures 6.50 inches including the domed lid. 

This high quality candle holder is made of cut glass, set in a regal patterned base of non tarnish aluminium and topped by a matching domed lid. A hand knotted silk tassel in a soft taupe adorns the uniquely domed lid, which also serves as a snuffer.


  • Unique hand cut glass is set in Non-tarnish Aluminum Bases
  • Filled with a hand poured Vanilla Scented Candle
  • Measures 6.50 inches High
  • Candle Holder may be re-used by adding a candle
  • Elegantly Designed with a beautiful Domed Lid
  • The domed lid is adorned with a hand knotted silk tassel in a soft taupe shade.
  • The domed lid also acts as a candle snuffer
  • Create a Soothing and relaxing mood with the Vanilla Fragrance candle in it's Elegant Candle Holder. 

Adorn a table, sideboard or fireplace mantel to look stunning by day and create a relaxing mood by night with the gentle fragrance of vanilla and glowing candlelight.  A home decor piece to enhance any home.

A beautiful gift for newlyweds, for a housewarming or romantic setting and for anyone who enjoys the ambiance and warmth of candles.