Fairy Tale Coach Pewter Tooth and Curl Boxes

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This silver pewter tooth and curl set includes two carriage boxes and a lead horse.  One carriage pumpkin is engraved with the words "MY FIRST TOOTH" and the other with "MY FIRST CURL." Both pumpkins sit unattached atop their wheel base.  A hinge at the bottom of each pumpkin allows them to be opened and closed.  The insides are lined with blue velvet.
and the three pieces hook together (as pictured).


  • Made of Pewter
  • Pumpkins are hinged and open at the bottom
  • One carriage pumpkin is engraved with "MY FIRST TOOTH" and the other with "MY FIRST CURL."  
  • The carriages are each lined inside with dark blue velvet
  • The three pieces hook together
  • Sizes: Horse = 1.5 inches wide x 2 inches tall.  Each Carriage = 1.5 inches  wide x 2 inches tall.  
  • When all 3 are hooked together, the set measures 4.75 inches long.