Wise 'Cat Proverbs' 11 Ounce Cat Lover Mug

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Here is a great gift idea for the cat lover in your life: A 'Cat Proverbs' Mug filled with life lessons that cats can teach us all.

Words on the Mug read:' Naps are the key to long life(s). Pounce on opportunities. Fish is good for you.When the sun shines, bask in it it.When faced with challenges, try to land on your feet. Stretch often. Occasionally, be aloof and mysterious. Sometimes it's nice to be the center of attention. Be a loyal companion. Cuddling is purr-fection. If you get scared, hide for a little while. Make time to play. Have a mind of your own. Ask for what you want.'

The printed White Ceramic Mug holds about 11 ounces. Measures 3 3/4" High with a 3"diameter. Microwave and dishwasher safe. In attractive cube shape gift box.

A cute a lovable yet practical gift to brighten up a cat lover's day. Perfect gift for a vet or pet carer.