Unicorn Trapezium Glittered Favor Box Set of 12

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These trapezium shaped sturdy card stock Unicorn Favor boxes feature sweet glitter eyelashes, a rainbow-colored mane, delicate pink ears and a regal gold horn. Available in sets of 12 and perfect for baby showers,birthday parties and any enchanted party event. Each container is perfect for holding treats or other small favors.

Features and Facts:

  • White trapezium favor box with a light turquoise hair curl and a light pink inside ear on the front of the favor box.
  • The horn (on top of the favor box) and eyelashes are made of gold glitter.
  • Measures 2.67"w x 2.71"d x 4.48"h
  • Made from sturdy card stock
  • Sold in sets of 12

These Unicorn Favor Boxes are magical and enchanting. Fill with magical favors and your guests will be delighted AND enchanted!