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Safari Baby Advice Card & Baby Shower Game Set of 50

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Keep the festivities going with the Safari Baby Advice Card & Baby Shower Game Set of 50 by Kate Aspen. The baby shower game set has a couple of different activities, so all of your guests can participate. Guests can guess how many animal crackers are in the jar. Pick out your favorite jar and fill it with animal crackers then set up the jungle instruction tent card next to your jar. Guests take turns filling in their guesses on the answer card. You can set up a box or bin for guests to place their cards. Make the guessing game even more fun by getting a gift for the guest who has the closest guess.

Once the fun game is over, guests then can fill out the prediction and advice card. The card is shaped like a lion and is preprinted, so it is on theme for your safari baby shower. Mom-to-be can read them out loud for some good baby shower fun, or the cards can be taken home for the family to read together. Their size makes them ideal for a memory book as well, so they can be looked at for years to come. Get yours now!

Features and Facts:

  • The Safari Baby Advice Card & Baby Shower Game set includes 1 pre-written, instructional tent card that says "How many animal crackers are in the Jar?", 50 guessing cards for guests to fill out and 50 advice cards in the shape of a lion. The guessing cards and advice cards are shrink wrapped separately and then wrapped with the tent card in a cellophane bag.
  • The Safari Baby Advice Card & Baby Shower Game is perfect for keeping guests entertained at a baby shower. Grab your favorite mason jar and fill it to the brim with animal crackers. The Safari Baby Shower Guessing Game tent cards and guessing cards will be a fun and classy way to keep guests talking. Mommy's-to-be will love the sweet lion-shaped advice cards and all the wishes for her little one.
  •  Advice card measures: 5.0 inch wide x 7.1 inch high x 0.04 inch deep 
  • Guessing card measures: 3.5 inch wide x 2.0 inch high x 0.04 inch dep 
  • Tent card Measures: 5 inch wide x 7 inch high x 0.04 inch deep
  • Packaged product measures 5.6 inch wide x 7.2 inch high x 1inch deep.
  • 100% Paper.
  • Green, White, and Gold Foil.
  • Includes 1 pre-written tent card, 50 guessing cards, 50 advice cards.
  • Assembly Required: Yes, the customer must provide the animal crackers to guess.