Ring Shape White Gold Foil Bridal Shower Game Card Set of 30

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Our White Bridal Shower Game Card with Gold Foil is ring shaped and takes the stress out of figuring it the entertainment for your next bridal party. Planning a wedding celebration whether it's a bridal shower or a bachelorette party can be fun, but exhausting. Planning the guest list, the food, and the entertainment can all be so tiring. That's why we have been trying to come up with a game that is fun and as beautiful as our decorations, and we have far exceeded it in expectations with our White Bridal Shower Game Card with Gold Foil - Ring Shape (Set of 30. ) Bring on the laughter and the fun with this mad lib like game. Your guest will love being creative and getting in on the fun and laughter of a wedding day and the bridal will never forget all the fun memories made. Great to keep for years to come and share as husband and wife while you reminisce on anniversaries. Our Ring Shaped White Bridal Shower Game Card with Gold Foil is the perfect way to kick off your next bridal shower or bachelorette party to get the fun and laughter started.



  • Solds in sets of 30 game cards.
  • White, Gold, and Black.
  • Set of 30 ring shaped flip card in white cardstock. Card shows a mad lib style bridal shower game with gold foil printed message "Love Story Word Game: tell the Story of how the Bride and Groom met" on front of card and black printed text on inside of card.
  • Measures: 6.9 inches high x 5.1 inches wide x 0.01 inches deep
  • Shrink wrap with sticker packaging.