Celebration Shot Glasses Set of 50

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Toast your special event with shot glasses with our imported clear glass shot glass has a thick solid glass bottom base and clear glass top.

A new trend for many celebrations and especially weddings is to toast with a shot of bourbon, vodka or whiskey instaed of champagne oe in addition to wine and champagne. The trend has come about due to the availability of a wonderful variety of boutique and specialty flavors in spirits today.

The other use for shot glasses is for serving mini deserts on the desert table. Your quests will really enjoy these new trends because they can try a smal amount of each delicacy, be it in the form of a shot or a desert. They can also try more than 1 if they want of these exciting and original combinations!

At home top up your bar and serve deigner spirits. Add a sweet table to your entertaining menu for seasonal get togethers and serve a variety of mini deserts to your guests. They will love you for it!


  • Measures 1 7/8 inches wide 2 3/8 inches tall
  • Capacity 1 3/4 ounce
  • Made from glass
  • Shot glass has thick solid glass bottom base and clear glass top
  • Bulk packed